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Армия зомби, 1991, Zombie Army

Армия зомби, 1991, Zombie Army

Армия зомби, 1991, Zombie Army

режиссер Betty Stapleford
сценарий Роджер Скирс
продюсер Джон Калиновский
композитор Скип Дэвис, Джозеф Керр, Грегг Кирк


В главных ролях:

  • Cindie Lou Acker
  • Джоди Амато
  • Мишель Андерсон
  • Джек Армстронг
  • Brent C. Bankus
  • Дуглас Барни
  • Дэвид Белл
  • John C. Berkeyheiser III
  • Сандра Л. Бромвелл
  • Майкл Ф. Барнс

When the Army takes over a former asylum, they discover that some inmates are still living in solitary confinement there, and become murderous zombies.

The Zombie Army‘ is a low-budget zombie horror that was directed by Betty Stapleford and written by Roger Scearce.

It was released ‘straight-to-video’ in 1991 by Video Outlaw.

Remember, this is low-budget trash, so if you are expecting a thoughtful and original script, with well rounded characters….well, then you probably have other issues that you need to address before watching this.

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