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Every Zombie Death in «The Walking Dead»

I’ve been reading the book for 2 years, so I was happy to edit this supercut of all the zombie deaths.

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Mr Kirman was kind enough to retweet this video
Hi Mr. Kirkman and I love your work :D

Simon Pegg also was kind enough to retweet this:

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Gawker TV (Thanks Sarah!):

Buzzfeed (Thanks Gavon!):

Boing Boing:


NY Mag:


Nerd stuff you won’t read:

MKV is retarded to convert, so I had to first use Subler to give me a M4v then use MPEG Streamclip to convert the specific timecode I wanted.

All together, with the AE work, tracking and cutting this edit took around 6 hours over 3 days.

FCP for edit.
Used Mocha for the tracking.
AE for some color correction.
Compression was H264; 80MB


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