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Геноцид зомби, 1993, Zombie Genocide

Геноцид зомби, 1993, Zombie Genocide

Геноцид зомби, 1993, Zombie Genocide

Directed by Andrew Harrison
Darryl Sloan
Khris Carville
Produced by Andrew h Harrison
Written by Darryl Sloan
Starring Andrew Harrison
Darryl Sloan
Jason Morrison
Paul Barton
Music by Darryl Sloan
Distributed by Midnight Pictures
Release dates
  • 1993
Running time
64 minutes
Country Ireland

Reportedly Ireland’s first zombie film, 1993’s Zombie Genocide is part of the great tradition of dirt cheap zombie movies made by people with a camera, some red food dye and not much else. The most obvious comparison is Plaga Zombie, made 4 years later in Argentina with a similarly homemade style and similarly miniscule budget.

The plots of both films are essentially alike; friends trapped inside a house in a world suddenly turned zombie try to escape to safety. But while Plaga Zombie goes the route of no holds barred excess, Zombie Genocide has a narrower focus and a more sombre feel which suits its Irish roots.

That said there’s enough knowing humour to offset the low budget and suspend disbelief. My favourite moment is when one character, refusing to believe in this zombie apocalypse, talks about how dumb the suggestion is while standing next to a poster from Day of the Dead.

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