Minecraft Mob Battle — Zombie vs NPC Villagers : Mob vs Mob

Welcome to Zombie vs NPC Villagers Video of my Minecraft Mob Battle — Mob vs Mob
I hope you all enjoyed this mob battle of zombies vs villagers! Check out all of my other content if you liked :D

Hope you all enjoyed my video! :D Come again soon!

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Good day! :D


Robfromyoutube, About Me: Hey there! My name is RobFromYoutube and I make Minecraft videos! You may know me from my original Mob vs Mob series also known as Mob Battles, such as Zombies vs Villagers and others! These videos date all the way back to 2012! Nowadays I make other minecraft content including: hypixel minigames like skyways, tnt run, pixel painters, and more! I am the creater of the NeoTech server and I love to do lets plays! I also do tutorials and How to videos for minecraft related stuff!

In this video we see how NPC villagers act around Zombies.

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