Sexual and Dangerous Girls by KYMG Yusuke Kozaki [PDF]

Sexual and Dangerous Girls by Yusuke Kozaki KYMG PDF

KYMG: Yusuke Kozaki Illustrations is an art book by No More Heroes concept artist, Yusuke Kozaki. The book features artwork of the various works Yusuke has worked on, such as Speed Grapher, Kyoko Karasuma — Detective of the Asakusa Police, and The Digital Anthem, as well as No More Heroes. The book features various PR illustrations of the No More Heroes cast, Travis’s picture of Jeane, Death Metal’s tattoo design, artwork from Jeane’s flashback, and the painting of Travis fighting Henry seen at the end of game. However, it doesn’t feature any of the concept art seen throughout the trading card series.

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Yūsuke Kozaki (Japanese: コザキユースケ Hepburn: Kozaki Yūsuke, born May 12, 1978) is a Japanese manga artist and character designer for video games such as Fire Emblem: Awakening and No More Heroes.

He also drew the in-game art for all of the Heroes original characters. He has previously tweeted pulls and builds of various Heroes characters, so the fact that he has been playing the game has been known for some time.



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You can see the book in full size and download KYMG PDF



See also KYMG 2 — the second art book of Yusuke Kozaki…

KYMG PDF, Yusuke Kozaki Illustrations, download KYMG




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