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2000, Наркоманы плоти, Flesh Freaks

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2000, Наркоманы плоти, Flesh Freaks

2000, Наркоманы плоти, Flesh Freaks
2000, Наркоманы плоти, Flesh Freaks


слоган «Released from their jungle hell, they come for the flesh of the living!»
режиссер Конэлл Пендергаст
сценарий Конэлл Пендергаст
продюсер Конэлл Пендергаст
оператор Дж. Гиллард Голен
композитор Steven Kado
монтаж Конэлл Пендергаст
премьера (мир)
12 октября 2000, …

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Deep within the jungles of Central America, lost amid the crumbling Maya ruins, lies an ancient secret so strange, so horrible, that only one civilization would be dumb enough to release it … Ours.

Worm-like parasites infest the dead, returning them to gruesome half-life as rotting, bloodthirsty zombies. Freed from their jungle hell by a secret research expedition, the creatures soon find their way to modern civilization where they begin their deadly mission to transform the human race into an unstoppable army of the undead. Will the succeed in their gory quest? Will the human race be completely wiped out? Can anyone survive the blood-soaked onslaught of the FLESH FREAKS?

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