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How to build eve-online Linux server

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How to build eve-online Linux server

How to build eve-online Linux server

Do you wish to build your eve-online private server?  This is very easy. I  gonna show how to build  Crucible  Server on Ubuntu Linux from source code.

Evemu Server DOCUMENTATION generated by Doxygen Here.

On the internet you can find too much server builds created by several coders, such as Bloody Rabbit, Aknor Jaden, Hurracane,  but today evemu is almost abandoned and no one want to continue develop, no coders, no time (coz need too much time to spend on this shit and  we get  zero production). Eve – online a very difficult server and written by very high level coders, the server is updated every time, which makes it better and better. The database of server contains multimillion strings of items, about 400 Mb!!!

At present time only one man Allan, here is his site and server  http://eve.alasiya.net  try to continue working on. He is owner  and   hoster  of Crucible server and you can test it for free just register on his  forum. You  can  find everything there, how to start test the game. If you are a good C++ and Python coder you can join to Allan and help him with this good job. I personally  appreciate Allan, that he spends his free, but expensive  time  for his work.

REMEMBER!! This is not working server for public, this is only for educational purpose and learn C++ and python programming!

If you want to play eve-online you have only one way, go to official server, register there for free, you can get 14 – 60 days trial account and after depends from you …

This is Crucible server running on my virtual machine, most functions working, such as mining, fitting, damage, dock  and undock, skills, market, space combat and other, server is bugging and crushing too often.  So here is video of the server I running. This is not Allan’s server code,  I found couple of years ago and I don’t remember where it downloaded from and who is developer. Next I will show, how to build Linux server easy, I little bit modified Allan’s code and fixed issue with mysql-5-5 downloading.

Here is Evemu source code documentation generated by Doxygen.

  1. Corbin Dallas says

    So Where do you tell how to do it?

  2. Grave Robber says

    Hello! Sorry, this article about Eve-server is not finished yet due some technical issue with web hosting and server relocation, i gonna finish asap. Here is 2 ways to build server
    1 Windows
    2 Linux Ubuntu

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