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  1. Hi Daryl.

    Thank you for all the books contributed from you.
    My name is Chris and I am grateful for your contribution in all your books on your website. It so amazing to see the art behind your favorite game or movie !
    I want to request if there’s possibly a copy of the following books? I have been looking for quite a while and had no luck :(
    — The Chronicles of Exandria: Vox Machina Vol I and II
    — The Realms of Runeterra (League of Legends Companion Book)

    Or where can I get them in free PDF?

  2. Hi! Thanks for the lot of art you share, I wish there were more Star Wars books, will you be uploading Spider-Man’s Artbook: Far from Home soon? Cheers.

  3. first of all i wanna say thanks for the amazing arts you share , i’m studying art and it is really source of inspiration . and secondly i have a request if possible there is a copy or scans of the following books ?? Masters of Anatomy «Book 3 & 4& 6» i searched every where but i couldn’t find them.

  4. I have a scanned copy of The Art of Watch Dogs, and I hope to exchange it for a scanned Watch Dogs 1 Prima Guide Book, not all pages, you can just scan first 30 pages of them, they’re descriptions of the game world. I really need it. You can email me, I’ll give you my Discord. We talk later :)

  5. ricardo nandin

    great website, I downloaded the superman returns boo,..do you have batman v superman the art of the film book ? Thanks for reading !

  6. hello! amazing books collection. : i am searching for these two
    the art of Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    the art of the Mandalorian

    thank you very much for all that you do!

  7. Can you please upload «The Art and Soul of Dune»? It’s the newly released artbook of the movie dune. Please do it, I’m really waiting for it. Thank you!

  8. Archie Nelson

    I hoe you can notice this sinc eyou might not see this, but can you please add «The Art of Regular Show» in this site? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere and the sites that had it are dead.

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