Surreal world of artbook The Art of Remember Me [PDF]

The Art of Remember Me PDF

Dark Horse and Capcom have teamed up to create an art book for Rеmember Me. The art book contains over 170 pages of visuals from the action-adventure game set in Neo Paris, 2084. Aleksi Briclot, the founder of developer Dontnod Entertainment, provides commentary throughout the book.

artbook The Art of Remember Me

About half of the book is filled with amazing environment art of the Neo-Paris. They explore the alleyways, streets, slums and interiors. The designs looks great, believable and moody. Many of these are painted to the level of detail that you typically get from photographs. It’s astonishing. Every illustration wants you to spend time to study, to absorb what you’ve just seen. Most are printed at half page. Every one that’s printed small will have you wishing it to be bigger.

The other half is packed with character designs. Mainly humans. There are only a handful of sketches, the rest are all painted in detail. There’s a good amount of writeup for every page with the exception when the art goes two pages.

I’ve to list out the artists for their incredible work. They are Aleksi Briclot, Michel Koch, Frederic Augis, Gary Jamroz-Palma, Gregory Z. Szucs, Paul Chadeisson, Edouard Caplain, Alexis Smadja-Fellous, Bastien Ramisse, Regis Capotosto, Yan Le Gall and Cristian Buliarca.

It’s clear that there’s a lot going on under the hood of Remember Me: everything about The Art of Remember Me reflects this. In 186 pages of art, this book could easily just be a series of splash pages that distract you with pretty pictures until the end, but instead works as fantastic companion piece to the game. But if you like knowing as much as you can about the upcoming game, if you simply like sci-fi dystopias, or if you want inspiration on how to build your own world from scratch, check out The Art of Remember Me. You won’t be disappointed.

 Here you can see only part of the artbook for your reference, but you can download it in full size and excellent quality

Download Artbook The Art of Remember Me


 full size


Download The Art of Remember Me PDF full in excellent quality

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