3 nice artbook Tsukasa Jun — Tsukasa Bullet [ download ]

3 nice artbook Tsukasa Jun — Tsukasa Bullet [ download ]

Tsukasa Jun is a doujinshi artist who has contributed his character designs and visual style to many video games. He has had his illustrations featured inside and on the covers of many magazines. He has also contributed to several published illustration books. One of which is a highly-sought-after hardcover volume exclusively devoted to his work. Hе has been contributing to doujinshi and games for over ten years now and got his professional start by contributing reader art (and later the front page) to «HOT MILK» magazine.

He hails from Osaka and was born in 1961. As child judo now prefers to simply go to the gym, keeping yourself in good physical shape. Crazy shooting and knives. Maybe that’s why his characters are armed, and always, well athletically stacked.

Like most artists of this genre, his childhood hobby has grown into a professional job. His professional career began with a June Tsukasa design game characters for the doujinshi cycle «Kacchu Musume». And also dabbled in manga publishing the first brief «Female Fight in the Arena», and then the more serious work «Chou Shinkan Evangelion» and a humorous «Biocube» the universe Resident Evil. Seeing his work, he was immediately invited to her Copcom, where he and sow per day, the number of designer and art hudozhikom. Mainly I worked on the series Street Fighter and Resident Evil.

But the most well-known it became because of their figurines and artbook Bukama series «Tsukasa Bullet». In which he always shows, luxurious warriors in a futuristic, and classical Japanese style. Ninja, geisha, and so on .. There are currently five such publications and three calendars. You can download artbook Tsukasa Bullet

Tsukasa Bullet includes:

Original Illustrations;

Pick Up In Tsukasa Jun-Ind;


DOWNLOAD Tsukasa Bullet



Tsukasa Jun — Original Illustrations

DOWNLOAD Tsukasa Jun — Original Illustrations


Pick Up In Tsukasa Jun-Ind



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