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About the game:

The Еvil Within (known as Psycho Break in Japan) is a 2014 survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks.
The game is played from a third-person perspective in which scavenging for supplies and learning when to fight or run are key factors in surviving.
Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist, needs to make use of the environment if he wants to survive whatever is thrown at him.
The game world can transform during scripted events and as the result of player actions,
altering locations and creating new paths. Castellanos must use medical items to restore health;
some of these items cause temporary hallucinogenic effects.
By collecting vials of green fluid throughout the game, players can upgrade Castellanos’ abilities…

The game centers on protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as he is pulled through a distorted world full of nightmarish locations and horrid creatures. Played in a third-person perspective, players battle disfigured nightmare-like enemies, including bosses, using guns and melee weapons, and progress through the levels, avoiding traps, using stealth, and finding collectables.

The Еvil Within received a generally positive reception upon release; praise was mostly directed at the game’s horror elements and atmosphere, while criticism was directed at the game’s story and characters. A sequel, The Еvil Within 2, will be released on October 13, 2017.


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Included DLC: The Еvil Within Season Pass, The Fighting Chance Pack.

How to install:

After download is done:
— open part1 (executable file) ,
— choose location ,
— click install ,
— wait until is done
— play game from desktop shortcut.

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OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1
Processor: i7 or an equivalent with four plus core processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX 460 or equivalent 1 GB VRAM card
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 39 GB available space


The Evil Within, Flawless Widescreen

The Еvil Within ReShade

Русификатор для The Еvil Within (звук) 1.1

The Art of The Еvil Within-Book Review

The Evil Within repack, The Evil Within скачать

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