Exciting adventure — The Fantasy Film: Katherine A. Fowkes

The Fantasy Film: Katherine A. Fowkes PDF

The Fantasy Film provides a clear and compelling overview of this revitalized and explosively popular film genre.
Includes analyses of a wide range of films, from early classics such as The Wizard of Oz and Harvey to Spiderman and Shrek, and blockbuster series such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Harry Potter films
Provides in-depth historical and critical overviews of the genre
Fully illustrated with screen shots from key films

The Fantasy Film


«The Fantasy Film is an exciting and readable adventure into the formulas and pleasures of films unjustly neglected in favor of their genre kin. This book will help remedy that.»

Janet Staiger, University of Texas

«Fowkes’s book provides a lively, informed and accessible introduction to the important area of fantasy film. The author’s enthusiasm for her object is unmistakeable as she moves from classics such as The Wizard cf Or to contemporary fantasy blockbusters such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harty Potter movies.»

Peter Hutchings, Northumbria University

«An illuminating analysis of key American fantasy films, from The Wizard if Ono The Lord cf the Rings. This study has a keen eye for the literary antecedents and the many guises of fantasy, including comics and animation film.»

Ernest Mathifi, University of British Columbia

«Meticulously researched, elegantly written, and filled with insight, this is a graceful tribute to an important but elusive genre that is often over looked. Katherine Fowkes has a deep and wise appreciation for these films that will enlighten those who know them well and inspire those who have not seen them to fire up their Netflix queue and start watching.»

Nell Minow, Beliifnet Movie Critic

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