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Fantasy 10 HD Remaster download game


About the game:


Final Fаntasy X is a high-definition remaster of the role-playing video game.
The game follows the journey of the teenager Tidus who is transported to the world of Spira after an encounter with a creature known as Sin.
He becomes one of the guardians of the summoner Yuna, protecting her on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin and finding out how the creature is linked to Tidus’ and Yuna’s late fathers.
Gameplay relies on the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system that allows for swapping party members in mid-combat.
Characters are leveled up by means of the Sphere Grid on which the player may choose a specific skill to learn or attribute to improve…



This version of game is already cracked — just install and play.
Included FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster only with Japanese voice and text:
English ,French ,Italian ,German ,Spanish ,Japanese ,Korean ,Traditional Chinese.
To change text language just run FFX_LAUNCHER.exe and go to Settings from game folder.
To play with English voice language run FFX-Eng-Voice.exe from game folder.

How to install:


After download is done:
— open part1 (executable file) ,
— choose location ,
— click install ,
— wait until is done
— play game from desktop shortcut.

Fantаsy 10 HD Remaster download game [NOSTEAM]


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