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PC game No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky download game

No Man’s Sky скачатьPC game No Man’s Sky скачать  

About the game:

No Man’s Sky is a first-person, open world survival game. Players take the role of a planetary explorer in an uncharted universe.
They start on a random planet at the edge of the universe, and are equipped with a survival spacesuit with a jetpack; a «multitool» that can be used to scan,
mine and collect resources as well as to attack or defend oneself from creatures and other entities while on a planet;
and a crashed spacecraft that, once repaired, allows them to land and take-off from planets and travel between them and engage in combat with other space-faring vessels.
After performing enough resource collection to repair their spacecraft and leave the planet,
the player is then free to engage in any of the four principal activities offered by the game: exploration, survival, combat, and trading…


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How to install:

After download is done:
— open part1 (executable file) ,
— choose location ,
— click install ,
— wait until is done
— play game from desktop shortcut.


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Release date: August 12, 2016 ~ August 11, 2017
Genre: Action, Shooter, Exploration, Simulation, Open world, First-person, 3D

Release info:

100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: all files after installation are identical to the original release with a bit precision
NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Installation takes 7-15 minutes
After installation, the game takes 6 GB (up to 15 GB for the time of installation of the repack)
After installation, the option to check the checksums of all files is available to make sure that the repack is installed correctly
To change the language, use «Language Selector.exe» in the «Binaries» folder of the game
The repack uses the pZlib library from Razor12911

Game features:

Changes in v1.3 — Atlas Rises
30-hour new branched storyline with a more detailed history of the world;
Procedurally generated guild assignments;
A much deeper system of interstellar trade;
Star systems with different levels of life, conflicts and economics;
Space battles with redesigned controls, weapons and AI;
Stargate for fast movement;
The possibility of changing the landscape for the construction of more complex bases;
New opportunities for extraction and creation of resources;
More diverse biomes, including rare exotic areas;
Improved mechanics of research and analysis visor;
Improved galactic map and other interface elements;
New ships of class S;
Low-altitude flights and the ability to smash a ship;
Broken cargo ships with resources on the planets;
Joint research.

How to install

Mount and Install
Play and Enjoy

No Man’s Sky download game [Razor12911]



PC System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
Storage: 5 GB available space

No Man’s Sky repack, No Man’s Sky скачать

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