The Best PC Space Games

The Best PC Space Games

What do you think, what is the best pc space game? Are you looking for some good space games for PC? There is a big choice of space games started from adventure and finished with science.

Since the early 80s, developers have released a huge number of games. We all remember  Galaxy, Elite, freelancer, Asteroids, Master Of Orion, Space Commanders e.t.c … OMG, there is a lot of games. We can not cover all space games in one post, but we will try to make some guide to the most favorite best space games in last time.

Eve Onlinebest space games

Best Open-World MMORPG. One of the most popular and interesting modern space game. The most interesting is that in the world there is only one server on which live almost a million players.  It can play years, create a fleet and alliances or join others. Each alliance is an entire infrastructure that includes miners, traders, military and researchers. There is an entire economy in real time, such is not present in any similar space game. For beginners, the game may seem rather difficult, but developers constantly update and improve the game and it becomes no more difficult than similar single player games like X3 and Elite. This game is not free, but there is a free limited subscription.  Just register on the official website, create an account, download the game and play!

Here you can download amazing EVE Online artbooks.

Artbook Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections

Download Frigates of EVE Online PDF

Another amazing artbook can be downloaded here.

Artbook EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden [PDF]

Download Artbook EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden 


Gift for fans – Fantastic Artbook EVE Source [PDF] 

Download EVE Source PDF full, EVE Source PDF



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