Win in Total War: WARHAMMER 2 скачать free [DOWNLOAD]

PC game Total War: WARHAMMER 2

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 download game

Total WarPC game Total War: WARHAMMER 2 скачать  


Type……….: ACTION/STGY    Packager……: STP
Publisher…..: SEGA           Cracker…….: STP
Supplier……: STEAM/STP      Release Date..: 09/2017


STEAMPUNKS are proud to bring you Total War: WARHAMMER 2 repack

To add some technical details to our Crack:
-You Do NOT Need steam installed
-You can play Offline
-The rest of Denuvo we will keep it secret for now.

About the game:

War: WARHAMMER II is a strategy game of titanic proportions.
Choose from four unique, varied factions and wage war your way
mounting a campaign of conquest to save or destroy a vast and vivid
fantasy world.

This is a game of two halves — one a turn-based open-world campaign,
and the other intense, tactical real-time battles across the
fantastical landscapes of the New World.

Play how you choose    delve into a deep engrossing campaign,
experience unlimited replayability and challenge the world
in multiplayer with a custom army of your favourite units.
Total War: WARHAMMER II offers hundreds of hours of gameplay and
no two games are the same.


How to install:

1.Unpack, burn or mount iso
2.Install the game (select the options you want)
You will have the option to copy the crack files automatically
3.Start the game from the desktop shortcut we created or
you can manually start from the game executable
4.That’s it, Enjoy the Game

If you didnt choose the option to copy the crack automatically
just copy the content of STEAMPUNKS on the ISO to your installed
game folder.

You can set your own Steam Username and Account Id
for network games or different purposes.
1.Edit stp-steam.ini
search for the line AccountId=33068179 and replace
33068179 with your new Steam Account Id,
choose an Id between 1 and 4294967295.
You can also change your name, Search for the line
PersonaName=STEAMPUNKS and replace STEAMPUNKS with your new name .
2.Start the game.

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 download game [STEAMPUNKS] 




PC System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 64Bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 3.0Ghz
Memory: 5 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 1GB | AMD Radeon HD 5770 1GB | Intel HD4000 @720p
Storage: 60 GB available space

OS:  Windows 7 / 8 (8.1)/ 10 64Bit
Processor:  Intel® Core™ i5-4570 3.20GHz
Memory:  8 GB RAM
Graphics:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 4GB | AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB @1080p
Storage:  60 GB available space

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 repack, Total War: WARHAMMER 2 скачать

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