D-2, Dreamcast, 2000

D-2, Dreamcast, 2000

О игре D-2


Survival horror, Компьютерная ролевая игра, Шутер от первого лица

Платформа: Dreamcas

Дата выпуска: 23 декабря 1999 г.

Разработчик: Warp

Издатели: Warp, Sega


D2 вышла только на Dreamcast. D2 является продолжением D. Несмотря на отсутствие связи с первой игрой, за исключением внешнего вида и имени главной героини Лауры. Сценарист и режиссер игры — Кэндзи Эно, который также написал сценарий и сделал оригинальный D.

В этой игре мы будем сражаться против особого вируса. Он паразитирует в теле человека и превращает его в живой цветок.


D2 on Dreamcast was WARP’s last officially developed game. It is their grandest in terms of scope and ambition, and also their most accomplished title. It pushed the videogame boundaries of sex and violence in ways still not matched, featured a unique mix of genre styles and mechanics, is still a visually beautiful game with haunting soundtrack, but above all is still supremely enjoyable to play despite some minor flaws. Without question it is essential for anyone with an interest in gaming history and is WARP’s magnum opus.


Mechanically it’s an extension of D and Enemy Zero. In that it still has slower paced adventure sections, albeit now they’re rendered in real-time polygons, which allows for much greater detail and clarity. While slower paced than the rest of the game, these sections are considerably more speedy than previously. The game is set in the Canadian wilderness close to Christmas time, meaning the polygon corridors of E0 have been expanded into massive snow covered mountains and valleys, all of which give a reasonable illusion of outdoor freedom. Later on the environment is so expansive that a snowmobile becomes essential for travel.

The 3rd ingredient of this genre mix are the randomly occurring battles. It take the form of a 360 degree cursor-driven lightgun game — describing them as being FPS in nature would be a mistake. Since apart from being able to turn 360 degrees, you’re rooted to the spot. They’re actually integrated really well. Since they use precisely the same environment of wherever you were standing when they start. As also noted by most players, random battles are preceded by the rather ominous sound of the Dreamcast’s disc-drive increasing speed to load the data, thereby unintentionally warning of a sudden attack. As you win battles you earn experience in an RPG fashion, which yields a level up and stats boost. There are also regular boss encounters.

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